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MAO Kenya is committed to the goal of completing the Radondo clinic facility in Migori County which was begun in 2005. Currently the building itself is finished. There are six labor/post-partum beds, a delivery room, a shower room, and a utility closet in the maternity wing. The main portion of the clinic contains an outpatient center with three exam rooms for maternal-child visits and acute care adult visits. There is also a medical records room, laboratory and pharmacy. The building has electricity.


It lacks a deep well to provide a secure source of running water, a hospital grade incinerator for medical waste disposal, and adequate staff housing. MAO Kenya is seeking collaboration with American and Kenyan Rotary Clubs to provide funds for drilling a deep well. We are actively working with the District Public Health office to look for funding for the incinerator and staff housing. Once these needs are met, the clinic will meet the standards necessary for upgrading from a Level-1 Dispensary to a Level-2 Health Center, which would bring much needed additional medical services, personnel, and medicines to the 15,000 persons in its catchment area in the Rabondo Sub-location.

Completion of secondary school by a young woman is the single most influential factor in the subsequent health of her children and the economic security of her family. MAO Kenya believes that every girl who completes primary school with a KCPE score that qualifies her for entry into secondary school should have the opportunity to follow her dreams. Most of the Class 7 & 8 girls in this photo taken at the Losho Primary School during the preschool dedication will need scholarship to enter secondary school, where annual school fees range fro $500 to $1,000 per year. MAO Kenya is actively seeking donors willing to fund one year's school fees for qualified young women. The success of these children is dependent on the generosity of our donors.

Current projects


Access to quality early childhood education (ECD) is critical for future academic success of rural Maasai children. These children need the readiness instruction offered in Maa by preschools in order to prepare for entry into primary school where the languages of instruction are English and Swahili. Consequently, the MAO Kenya goal over the next five years is to build preschools within walking distance of all major villages in the Siana sublocation of Narok County.


We also hope to encourage all the community secondary school graduates currently employed as PTA-supported teachers to continue their education to become fully certified ECD teachers.


Early Childhood Education

Dedication ceremony on January 20, 2015 of two new preschool classes at Losho Primary Day School constructed by MAO Kenya  

Scholarships to send qualified girls to secondary school

Community Health

Some of the 17 girls currently enrolled in Class 7 & 8  in the Losho Primary Day School singing at the preschool dedication.

Community meeting on January 18, 2015 at the Rabondo Dispensary


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