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Women's  group in Losho gathers for an interactive seminar on handwashing techniques. There were three separate groups active in Losho in 2006. 

Karimatisho women's beading group was formed in 2000. The funds from sale of bedded projects was used to pay school fees for their daughters. Group was active until government waived all fees for primary school in 2003. Therea Mpetti (front-center) was the group leader.

Women's Groups
Siana Boarding Primary School

The Siana Boarding Primary School under the leadership of head teacher David Nkanae is one of the premier primary schools in Narok County. Through the years MAO Kenya has partnered with the school to complete many projects: the spring which was the school's water source was protected and water piped to a storage tank on the school grounds, several classrooms were built, a school library/media center building in partnership with the was completed, and many female scholarship students were supported. 


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